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About Wonga

Wonga is a lending company based in the UK. They offer quick and flexible payday loans and they are known to be quite reliable despite being fairly new to the lending business. They allow customers to apply for loans through their online portal Wonga.com and their terms and conditions are quite straight forward.

There are several loans that customers can opt for. Payday loans are typically designed for customers who are in need of quick cash to pay off a couple of pending bills or need to take care of a sudden and urgent expense. The most attractive feature of a payday loan is that it does not involve a lengthy application and approval procedure. Payday loans are granted for small amounts. Different companies have different borrowing limits but payday loans are generally offered between £100 and £1000.

Interest Rates

The interest rates also differ from company to company but most companies charge 20 t0 30% initial interest which means that if you borrow £100 loan from a company, you end up paying back £120 or £130. The rate of interest also depends upon the time frame that a customer needs to pay back their loan. Most payday loans are designed to last for a week or two or at most for one month. Payday loans can end up being very expensive if the loan and interest is not paid back in time.

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Wonga offers flexible payday loans with competitive interest rates. Their terms of use are very easy to understand and they process loan applications very quickly. Logging into your account on their website and filling out a small application form is all it takes to apply for a loan with them. Their website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. All the required information is easily available on their site and you can quickly see loan amounts and interest rates that are charged for particular loan amounts. The interest rates vary with the time period that a customer chooses to pay back the loan and Wonga’s site provides all information related to interest rates and the pay back periods associated with them. Most loans at Wonga generally have a payback period of 45 days. Wonga increases the maximum borrowing limit for customers who apply for loans frequently but the previous loans must be paid within time for a customer to be granted this privilege.


The best reason to use Wonga’s services is that their website is very easy to use and they process loan requests very quickly. An interactive application on their site allows users to set the loan amount and payback time frame and the application outputs the total amount that the customer needs to payback. Another great thing about Wonga is that they grant loans to customers who have bad credit history. Wonga only needs proof of employment for processing a loan request. Their interest rates are competitive and their services are quick and efficient. If you’re in need of some quick cash to get you out of a tight spot, you should definitely consider trying Wonga’s services.

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